A young Artist born and raised in San Diego, California with the love of music that differs through his given emotions and interest. He has many style flows but the personality for each are drawn up by very unique mix of descriptive lyrics. A smooth California vibe also with a splash of something a bit different seeps from every song written. This artist has a family of under rated talent singers from musician’s to rappers to poets, these have all been influential in Jay’s mindset. Jay pursues to construct songs and lyrics for various music types but specifically rap. He uses other styles of music to influence and expand his ideas even greater. Yung Jay has countless amounts of inspiration. Growing up listening to artist from Intrigue U Records Jay felt similarities and encouragement. He felt he can become a positive factor to the label and really showcase himself as an artist. Yung Jay uses Art to aid his music. At a young age he was introduced to all genres of music , all with different meanings but all influential. Yung Jay started rapping freestyles with friends from around his neighborhood which led to picking up a sound and passion for detailed rap. Since he loved writing in school this wasn’t too difficult for him, all he needed was a topic and his mind would just leak a mix of words and creativity. Yung Jay is a motivated, Hungry artist promising to instill his music into others and insure they remember it.



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