kc-aboutK.C. is a very gifted individual with a style of his own. With influences that range from Quincy Jones to Dr.Dre, He definitely has a wide variety of music in his heart. This 27 year old has been living music since he was 2 yr’s old.” My life and my heart are filled with songs, I could make a soundtrack to my whole life thus far, and as I’m sure any other artist could.” He is a producer, songwriter, composer, rapper, etc.you name it he does it. Growing up in the church he has a deeply rooted spirit, K.C. does it all gospel, soul, R&b, and hip hop “I love all types of music I like country, metal, some pop, a little of everything.” with songs like “My Everything” he proves he can be personal with his listening Fans “I believe you share a little of yourself when you write your own material, and sometimes you accidentally get too personal (smile).”Then he has music Like “I’m Fly” to get ya crunk “this record was just me being Cocky or whatever but it doesn’t matter because you fly in your own way. I feel to get more you must first appreciate what you have so far first and humble yourself because easy come, easy go.” All and all this young man has it together •  he has began sharing his musical talent with other artist.” Right now Have a few artist as clients I have networked with big time artist you can actually hear my music all over my space because of my clients like the Calione Family, Intrigue U Records, Pakman, The Street Preachas, Chocolate Chipz, G.E.N.E., ETC. • We can look forward to hearing great music and watching this gifted mans career soar.



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