A young Artist born and raised in San Diego, California with the love of music that differs through his given emotions and interest. He has many style flows but the personality for each are drawn up by very unique mix of descriptive lyrics. A smooth

What’s happening, this is J-Boy a forever represented of Intrigue U Records. Every since 2001 I’ve been involved in the San Diego music scene from recording, to performing, to finally completing an album. It’s been a long road and me just like 80% of the

K.C. is a very gifted individual with a style of his own. With influences that range from Quincy Jones to Dr.Dre, He definitely has a wide variety of music in his heart. This 27 year old has been living music since he was 2 yr's

Born and raised on the Southwest Side of Atlanta, GA; The SWATS (Southwest Atlanta). Pakman grew up in a musically inclined family with a father that played the Keyboard and Toured with groups such as The Commodores and Earth, Wind and Fire. His Grandmother played

Born to a Gus Dasher and Patricia Narty. My dad was in the Navy he married my mom and had me in Subic Bay Manilla. My mom being fillapino and my dad Black I grew up in a pretty diverse family. Learning both a Pacific

Born Andre Lamont Floyd in Los Angeles, California this young man has made a huge impact in the lives of those he has encountered. The name "2:Eleven, signifies the Police Penal Code for armed robbery, as his goal is to rob Satan of souls armed